Fab Lab Madrid CEU en Fab 10                                                                          

El próximo sábado 1 de julio de 2014 en Fab 10 estaremos presentes en Fab 10 (el congreso mundial de Laboratorios de Fabricación Digital) con una charla: Digital Fabrication for Architectural Design

The talk aims to show how digital fabrication is modifying and implementing architectural design processes nowadays, through a graphic presentation which displays projects that are carried out in Fab Lab CEU, the Digital Fabrication Laboratory of CEU San Pablo University. The objective is not focused on the exhibition of projects that students develop in classes, but in the explanation of the processes that are conducted in the Fab Lab, allowing students to improve or implement their architectural designs thanks to the use of the digital culture (new technologies or advanced technological languages).

In addition, as an open space, we will show how the Fab Lab offers students of different degrees of the university (Architecture, Telecommunications and Computer Science) a possibility to work together on the same project. We have also established links with research laboratories of the university, with whom we collaborate in the production of prototypes. This open-minded way has led, moreover, to collaborate with other academic institutions in the development of common projects, helping us to grow and improve our work processes, such as the participation in the Fab Academy Program or the workshops that we have developed in collaboration with ETH Zurich, TU Kaiserslautern, Politecnico di Milano, L’Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, LÉcole Camondó or Makeni University in Sierra Leone.

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